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Log Homes Benefits

A sweet home like log lodge is something which everybody would dream about as it has everything developed with common wood. Everything here would incorporate wooden dividers and windows alongside the furniture that is probably going to finish the inside of the house. One would effectively notice the vibe of it alongside envisioning the comfortable environment made in it. The frigid winter is particularly sentimental to envision, particularly the scene wherein we get into the mat and sit before the chimney offering warmth to our body. While the stay is by all accounts charming, something that may pivot upon one’s psyche is the upkeep exercises to be completed for the log lodge. Individuals who are stressed over this support would avoid owning a log lodge, however hearts loaded with sentimental contemplations would manufacture one such flawless home. Indeed, even the late spring remain in a log lodge is commendable as it doesn’t permit warmth to spread inside the home in this way giving complete cooling impact in the evenings. Basically to state remaining in log lodge is a joy for everybody of us.

The Benefits and Tips of Building and Owning a Log Home

When we are on long trips outside, the first thought that strikes our mind is returning back to “sweet home”. The warmth and cozy atmosphere of a wooden house will truly make us stick to the home environment without having to look out for a refreshment providing spa. Where else could you get the perfect heating and cooling system except in a log cabin. The conventional homes constructed out of bricks and blocks would never be able to compete with wooden homes in the aspect of providing warmth. The benefits are so good which would rule out the limitations or negative aspects of having a log cabin. Let us have a look at the benefits.

Benefits of log homes:

  1. Extreme insulation: The log homes are famous for providing natural insulation, irrespective of the season they help to regulate the temperature inside the home. In winter one could feel the warmth of staying in it and in summer one could enjoy the cool breeze inside while the climate is hot outside.
  2. Cost effective: When the cost of construction is taken into consideration, log home is much cheaper than the conventional home with one minor issue being its maintenance cost which is higher than that incurred for the conventional home. Depending on the size and design picked up by the individual the cost of constructing the log cabin would vary.
  3. Sound insulation: As the walls are made of wood, one would be happy to stay in the sound insulated home as the sound is completed deflected in all the ways possible through its shape, mass, angle, texture. While there is a certain level of natural insulation provided by the big wooden logs used for construction, it can be further improved with high quality construction. Proper sealing of all gaps before giving a final finishing to the log cabin along with double glazed windows will definitely ensure sound free environment inside the house.
  4. Greener: If one wants to depict their lifestyle the best thing to do is to live in a log cabin. When one wants to stand by going green slogan, the best way they could do it is by building a log cabin which are green in nature.
  5. Energy efficient: The efficiency of the log cabins would depend on the number of air leaks found in between the wooden logs along with moisture content and R value of the logs. The manufacturers have followed certain thumb rules to make the log cabin more energy efficient. The process includes seasoning the log home for a minimum period of six months prior to constructing it. This helps a lot in reducing shrinking of the logs thus eliminating any gaps between the logs. Apart from seasoning the logs for preventing spaces, one should also treat the wood with insecticide to fight against the insects that would eat up the wood. Waterproofing is the next level of effort that should be done for making log cabins more energy efficient. Following all these simple steps will help avoid any possible damages to the logs which in turn avoid the damage to the cabin built out of these logs. A simple observation has revealed that a log cabin gives increased energy efficiency of nearly 15% to what a conventional wood home would provide.
  6. Beautiful appearance: The standard designs along with the custom designs serving the needs of the clients are readily made available by the manufacturers. If the client can get professional team it becomes easy to build a dream home matching to their taste. Though every material tends to go out of fashion over time, wood never has encountered such a situation. The amazing appearance along with cozy atmosphere has always with a flexible option to repaint the interior has ever increased its demand.
  7. Durability: With the use of naturally durable species of wood used for construction one would get lost lasting log cabin which can be further enhanced by the natural process of drying and waterproofing. Treating the special species like cedar also with insecticide can aid achieving high durability to the construction.
  8. Relaxing atmosphere. Every day can be made as relaxing as the stay in the woods during vacation when one owns a log cabin. The wonderful facilities like the warmth, comfort and the cozy atmosphere of a log cabin would make everyone agree to own it for daily relaxation.
  9. Comfort: Recent designs provided by the manufacturers are good at providing more features in the log cabins to match the tastes and needs of the individuals planning to have one such lovely home. Every effort put by the creative minds in creating designs that match with the present lifestyle followed by the individuals has become successful. People became passionate about the log cabins by seeing its natural beauty and eco-friendly environment.
  10. Greater fire safety: While the number of fire accidents occurring in conventional homes is increasing day by day, the log cabin houses are found to be highly fire resistant as they are seasoned for six months at the minimum due to which they are much better in providing natural resistance against fire.